"I am happy to autograph and personalize all novels and my art book."

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading both
'The Borzoi Diaries' and
'Letters From Purlieu'.
While weaving fact with fiction, the author takes the reader on a vivid, imaginary travel journey filled with excitement and intrigue.  Her characters' stories are told amidst the Borzoi.  One does not have to be of the "dog world" to enjoy and be captivated by these adventures. I can't wait to begin the next book.

Mary Kay Fallon
Dallas, Texas
'Rhea,...I enjoyed your book.  I couldn't wait until I turned the next page!"

June P. Rau - Missouri

Over 40 pages of Borzoi Art + 
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The Borzoi Diaries

Letters from Purlieu  
Postcards of  Peril
An aging diva gives an accout of her adventurous and romantic life.
A Letter from one cousin to another brings back a family's entire past ~ The last years of Imperial Russia, peasants and aristocracy, the origins of the famed Desovitch line of Russian Borzoi ~

The Art of Rhea Russo

"Sweetly rendered!" 
Helen Pou
''...these kept me up late many a night seeing what would come next.'
Wanda Burton - Texas
"She spins a great Cinderella story!"
Bridget Hart -  Arkansas
Editor- Retired English Professor

"This is a tale of Abbot Vargas...a handsome young man who finds himself on a trans-formative journey   that begins with tragedy and ends with a soul fulfilled.

Rhea has managed, again, to spin an enveloping and satisfying saga. The pleasures and values within these pages are so rich in plot and character that for a wonderful few hours they become real. I even questioned some of my own beliefs and reactions to life's quandaries, along with Abbott. To say more would be to take away from the reader's enjoyment. It is well spent time with well loved characters. As always, borzoi play a central role."

Sandi Elliott
British Columbia  CANADA
makes a nice gift.
Texas, 1930s...
Abbot Vargas, town-no-good,
There is his curious habit of writing postcards, which he never mails...
Trouble seems to find him - outlaws, volatile women, Aztec practices, and "the beautiful lady in the white dress."
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Rhea Russo
Postcards of Peril
"The best fiction I've read all year."
2013 Joanne Canda

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         A Far Far Land series ~ "It's Pirates of the Caribbean' for women!'"
"Time Travel of body and soul. Breakneck perils, spills, thrills, and romantic sizzle. From the music and culture of the 1960s to Early America. From the cold Scottish Highlands to the hot, sexy tropics in the 1600s. Underwater kingdoms, powerful devils, and rugged heroes - You won't be bored !'

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