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  That is the problem when people die. We go on in Time; they do not. And in the hours and years as we mark the rising and setting of the sun, building hour upon hour of other things - incidents, experiences, the voices and relationships of other people- these wage war with the memories of those who are no longer. It is a war which lasts until we surrender, or are at least resigned; we cannot hold on to them perfectly. And we relegate the flashes of scenes to a certain shelf in our hearts.

      So, on that trip, as the car sped to the Florida coast, I aimed the air-conditioning vent toward me, and watched the world go by. The summer sun was warm on the window. Pop tunes played on the radio and daylight shot between the tree trunks like a coded message. Hours later, when I tired of counting the the tops of wooden fence posts, tired of blinking for every horse and cow, I put my mind to fantastical dreams. I longed for a realm; a land, far away, where nothing bad ever happened, and nature was pure, where wondrous adventures were at every turn, and mermaids were real.    A Far Far Land
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Fall 2017
    A neglected seventeen-year-old girl whose childhood wish was for mermaids to be real pushes the boundaries of her courage and swims far out into the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and dives down. After peering into the ocean's deep dark abyss, she swims for shore again, but never makes it. Attacked, taken - what happens to her next changes her life forever.  Transported back in Time 200 hundred years, she begins a breathtaking voyage, and a new life both in body and soul. The perfect sizzling 'faerie tale' for women, A Far Far Land is an epic series of adventures and romance, life, death, and enduring LOVE.
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"A Captain Andrews, I believe, said he encountered what he thought was a damsel in distress in the river. But, on closer inspection, it turned out to be a lass swimmin' about the falls in nothing but her shift! He said when he pulled her out, made allowances for the lass's modesty, ...he was assaulted by what could be nothing but a hoor, or a witch, who forced her scantily clad charms upon him. And as he moved to arrest the woman, she pushed in the drink, and left him to drown
I came to my feet. "That lying son of a bitch! The bastard!"
A Far Far Land ~ A Castle View
A brisk wind was at my back as I walked on bare feet toward the stern looking for the Captain, looking up to the helm. As I got close, Bergy saw me and pointed down; I went to the door and knocked. Then, hearing no  repsonse I stepped in to the dark, masculine room, lit by a single lanern which hung over his desk....

The lantern cast the good side of his face only, and as the drink coursed my blood and flushed my cheeks...I felt a strange sensation rise from the pit of my stomach and I suddenly wanted to cry out.

"Da ya...after all these moments together in close quarters...still nah ken me, lass?" A Far Far Land ~ Blue Empire
What light filtered in over the pool lessened as I approached the black hole in the rock wall. And without hesitation I entered, kicking and stroking along, then gliding as the tunnel became truly void of all light. Soon I had to use my hands to feel along the bumpy sides of the cave, letting them guide me straight to the end....

Something touched me, then it slithered over my right leg. A volley of air escaped my lungs as I startled.... It came once more, moving over my other calf; then I felt it thrash and roll before me in the black water.
A Far Far Land ~ Mermaid Grotto